About Us

Exclusively owned and managed by highly experienced Foreign Service Officers (FSOs), AMI is a certified Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), 8(a) management-consulting firm that creates and executes business-oriented solutions for the government and private sectors. We are a small business group and an innovative provider of practical 21st century solutions to business, associations, humanitarian aid organizations and governments, globally. AMI has expertise in private sector development (e.g., business development services, trade facilitation and investment development), energy advisory and utilization, training, assessments, monitoring and evaluation, and development of the capacity of local organizations.

AMI’s strategic partners have more than a quarter century of development experience in 75 countries, involving more than 600 projects. We have completed successful results-oriented projects in more than 50 countries. AMI uses current technologies and technical know-how to find strategic solutions to challenges facing business and industry, communities and government, often under adverse conditions. One of AMI’s most recent endeavors is One-Stop, quick-response onsite support services facilities that enable small businesses and organizations in Africa to make trade deals with US counterparts and compete in a global marketplace.

AMI’s corporate offices are located on the and 2nd floor of the Sumner Square Building on M and 16th Street Avenue NW in Washington DC. In addition to a small core staff, AMI brings to each assignment, US, and international experts of the highest caliber that provide results-oriented project contributions on behalf of our diverse clients.