Kevin Armstrong Sworn In As AMI Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Press Release

Washington, DC (October 01, 2015) – AMI, an independent Global Management and Information Technology Consulting Firm, announced today that Kevin Armstrong has joined the firm as its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Armstrong is a recognized visionary leader in international business development and global health with expertise in public-private partnerships, international technology transfer, donor-to-donor partnerships, and innovative programming. He has successful navigated complex multicultural organizations in the Americas, the Russian Federation and Africa. Mr. Armstrong retired as the USAID Mission Director and Chargé D’affaires (acting Ambassador) of Benin in 2015. He is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and conversational in Russian and has held senior leadership positions in Mozambique, Brazil, and Russia. Mr. Armstrong received a presidential appointment to the Senior Foreign Service of the US Government in 2010.

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