Syria 2013

National Press Building, Washington, DC
AMI managed a program in Washington to discuss Syria’s current conflict dynamics and the implications for a political transition. By bringing together Syria country experts and using the tools of conflict analysis, the USG will be better poised to identify groups, interests, opportunities, obstacles and risks to guide assistance efforts and potential future programming.  The program goal is to advance the USG’s understanding of Syria’s evolving conflict dynamics in order to develop the most effective and successful assistance approaches in pursuit of U.S. foreign policy goals in Syria and the region. Confirmed experts on Syria included:  Andrew J. Tabler/Moderator, Senior Fellow in the Program on Arab Politics, at the Washington Institute;  Ammr Abdulhamid, Senior Fellow, The Saban Center for Middle East Policy, at The Brookings Institution; Steven Heydemann, Ph.D., Senior Adviser for Middle East Initiatives, at the United States Institute of Peace; and, Daniel P. Serwer, Ph.D., Senior Research Professor of Conflict Management, as well Senior Fellow for The Center for Transatlantic Relations, at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies