Uganda 2019

In recent years, our partnership with India has transformed dramatically.  India has risen to become both a leading global power as well as an important partner of the United States.  The USAID-India relationship has shifted from a traditional donor- recipient relationship to a peer-to peer partnership for addressing Indian and global challenges. Through this partnership, […]

Cambodia 2019

AMI evaluation primarily focused on training programs on various agriculture and food security related aspects provided to participants from 18 countries (11 African and 6 Asian countries). The evaluation team visited three countries (two African and one Asia country) to do the field survey of the participants. In addition, the evaluation team visited MANAGE and […]

Kenya 2019

AMI evaluated the Feed the Future India Triangular Training Program. Over the past 67 years, India and United States have shared a mutually rewarding relationship. USAID has been working in partnership with the Government of India to test, develop, and deploy innovative and transformative technologies to address critical problems of food production. These technologies and […]

Dominican Republic 2018

AMI evaluation team of water engineers scientists, and M&E experts traveled to Samana Bay to determine if project deliverables were being achieved. Key indicators included: Number of person hours of training in natural resources management and/or biodiversity conservation supported by USG assistance associated with; whether a  cooperative MPA governance mechanism enabled a concession agreement for […]

Angola 2018

AMI provided the services of a retreat facilitator who assisted the Mission in fostering greater leadership and organizational resilience with the aim of promoting unity, camaraderie and a disciplined focus towards overcoming challenges and attaining Mission development objectives. The facilitator worked with the Mission to address issues related to communication and teamwork within individual teams […]

Jamaica 2018

AMI scientists and engineers working alongside the Bluefields Bay Fishermen’s Association wardens. This assessment focused on Sustainable Fisheries and Sustainable Livelihoods for Fishers,” and the effective management and governance of Marine Protected Areas and/or Marine Managed Areas (MPA/MMAs).

Haiti 2018

AMI scientists and engineers had a series of data collection meetings at the Fort Liberte Fishers Association. By protecting and conserving marine and coastal resources and strengthening the management of marine protected areas USAID is promoting sustainable fishing practices. A thriving and sustainable fishing sector will allow for increased economic opportunities for coastal community members […]

Syria 2013

National Press Building, Washington, DC AMI managed a program in Washington to discuss Syria’s current conflict dynamics and the implications for a political transition. By bringing together Syria country experts and using the tools of conflict analysis, the USG will be better poised to identify groups, interests, opportunities, obstacles and risks to guide assistance efforts and […]

Ethiopia 2016

AMI conducted a diaspora study for the USAID/Washington Bureau for Africa. The study sought to better understand the capacity and interest of the African diaspora to engage in and impact the current and future development agenda of sub-Saharan Africa through trade, investment, mentorship and knowledge transfer, advocacy, and volunteerism. The study qualified existing databases and […]

Andrew S. Natsios Administrator, U.S. Agency for International Development AMI Opening Reception

On this hazy summer evening in June, Administrator Natsios came out to welcome Alter Modus International (AMI), to the government and business community. Natsios went on to thank all of the panelists and participants in the program. He highlighted the crucial role that small businesses play in the growth of our nation’s economy with the […]