In capacity building, and trade and investment, the firm’s principals and consultants have significant and direct experience in Asia, Africa, Latin America and The Middle East to increase the competitiveness of selected product chains in emerging economies through increasing the capacity of business managers to:

We monitor and take advantage of market trends and business practices in western markets; Expand awareness of requirements in production, packaging, merchandising, distribution and quality control; and encourage the responsiveness of agribusinesses, and exporters in dealing with sophisticated buyers.

In addition, the firm has helped to increase the capacity and use of business services, financial services and research institutes in many countries throughout the emerging economies by:

  • Working directly with agribusinesses to identify the needs for business services;
  • Mentoring business services firms to improve the marketing of their expertise; and
  • Bringing together industry groups and business service firms to develop more strategic product offerings.

AMI also provides a range of dedicated services to business start-ups in emerging markets, supporting new and innovative companies to reach their potential. A particular focus of AMI’s work involves strengthening women-owned, women-led enterprises in developing countries. AMI offers mentorship programs and specialized training to help female business leaders develop the skills necessary to take their companies to the next level.

AMI’s training mission is to enhance the capacity of individuals, institutions, and communities. Capacity building and training are core approaches throughout our programs – from helping government ministries improve their management practices, NGOs to more effectively improve their training programs to better support their overall mission, facilitators to incorporate innovative techniques into their classrooms, or in any number of other ways. AMI uses a comprehensive performance management approach which includes:

  • Collaboratively setting objectives with key stakeholders;
  • Identifying organizational, cultural and other significant challenges;
  • And implementing strategic, measurable training or capacity-building interventions.

AMI trainings are results focused and with measurable outcomes related to specific objectives. Training is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of individuals and may range from short-term targeted workshops to multi-year academic programs.

Further, the firm’s principals have incorporated training throughout its portfolio of products and services it offers. We firmly believe that a successful program requires built in training modules at each level to ensure that the client and end user can understand and effectively implement new processes and procedures.