Cambodia 2019

AMI evaluation primarily focused on training programs on various agriculture and food security related aspects provided to participants from 18 countries (11 African and 6 Asian countries). The evaluation team visited three countries (two African and one Asia country) to do the field survey of the participants. In addition, the evaluation team visited MANAGE and selected associate institutions to interact with the stakeholders. Evaluation methods, including information on evaluation design and data collection, are presented below. The
selected evaluation team presented a well-thought methodology for answering the evaluation questions while keeping in mind USAID’s evaluation criteria.
The evaluation included qualitative and quantitative data collection. The evaluation included data collection methods such as individual or focus groups and structured interviews, checklists and
other tools. The evaluation undertook a SWOT analysis to give a perspective of the relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by the interventions to inform future recommendations.