Uganda 2019

In recent years, our partnership with India has transformed dramatically.  India has risen to become both a leading global power as well as an important partner of the United States.  The USAID-India relationship has shifted from a traditional donor- recipient relationship to a peer-to peer partnership for addressing Indian and global challenges. Through this partnership, USAID started to work together in a triangular mode of cooperation to transfer effective agricultural innovations to other developing countries. The U.S. Governments’ global hunger and food security initiative Feed the Future, is a major initiative in this direction.  This triangular training program is part of this initiative.

AMI evaluated this training program that aims to impart knowledge and skills to agricultural professionals from the select countries in Africa and Asia, about the technologies and approaches that helped India to deal with its food security challenges. AMI analyzed and held focus groups for back-at-work plans, beneficiaries and government officials.